Amstelveen City Council

Amstelveen City Council modernised and digitised their entire parking policy using CityPermit, Sigmax’s parking permit system.

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Smarter, more modern and efficient parking policy

Amstelveen City Council set itself the goal of making its parking policy procedures smarter, more modern and more efficient. By enabling users to independently apply for permits and manage them from home or the office, the city council wants to improve its service towards its citizens and businesses. Good enough reason for the city council to choose CityPermit.

“By using CityPermit, you no longer have to come to the city hall to apply for or extend a permit,” says Anne Kaiser, policy officer at Amstelveen City Council. “Using the Visitors App, residents can register and deregister visitors using the vehicle registration and directly add parking credit.” Thanks to a direct link between the parking meters and CityPermit, visitors can also be registered in the permit system through a parking meter.

Digital parking rights

In Amstelveen City Council there are no paper permits behind car windscreens. Enforcement officers in Amstelveen use CityControl to check permits, they can see on their smartphone whether a vehicle has been issued one. Thanks to the full integration with CityPermit this occurs in real time, almost instantly as a new parking permit is issued. That also applies to parking rights that have been paid via text message to pay-by-phone parking or through a parking meter.

Checks without third party intervention

At the request of Amstelveen City Council, Sigmax – in partnership with various parking meter suppliers – achieved a link between the parking meters, CityPermit and the CityControl application. This means enforcement officers can request vehicle registrations without first having to consult an external system or parking rights database. This provides the city council with great cost savings. Mike Schenk, Advisor/Project leader for the implementation of ‘modernising parking’ for Amstelveen City Council explains: “Thanks to the parking rights being registered directly in our permit system and with the link to the CityControl enforcement application, we longer have to pay for each registration and query. We estimate that this will save the council between 80,000 and 100,000 euros a year.”

Ready for the arrival of car-mounted scanners

In the near future Amstelveen City Council wants to use car-mounted scanners for enforcement whereby while driving around, the car scans the registrations of parked cars. Enforcement officers in Amstelveen then receive a notification from the scanning car on their smartphone of wrongly parked vehicles. “Sigmax’s enforcement solution is already prepared for this,” states Mike Schenk. “Combined with the great user convenience it means that the Sigmax software gives us a solid solution with which we are stepping into the digital era.”

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