Bus van Carglass: gebruiker van de Field Mobility Suite van Sigmax

Carglass optimises repair services

The main priority at Carglass is helping customers on their way as quickly as possible. “When you have damage, you don’t want to be waiting around for a repair,” explains Joep Jagtman, Operations Performance Manager at Carglass Nederland. “To guarantee a fast service, we implemented Sigmax Connect enabling us to schedule all jobs from six planning centres a day in advance,” adds Mark Mes, Performance Implementation Specialist at Carglass. “We dispatch our mechanics using a smartphone that uses Connect’s mobile application. The mechanic can digitally complete all the details. It speeds up the job, saving time, and we can help more customers in a day,” according to Jagtman.

Perfect planning

In Connect’s planning system, the planners enter the times the mechanics are available in the coming weeks and whether they work at a branch or are mobile. The system uses this information to calculate the planning. New jobs come in during the day either online or by telephone. Based on the type of car, registration and location, the software automatically calculates a number of appointment options. As soon as the customer has selected a date, time and location the appointment is made in Carglass’ ERP system and the planning is updated for each branch and mechanic.

Well-equipped on the road

The mechanic consults his daily tasks on the smartphone, he checks which materials are required and registers his travelling time. He also takes photographs as evidence of damage. The mechanic then discusses with the customer what needs to be done. When all the details are correct, the customer signs in agreement on the smartphone and the mechanic can get started. When the job is finished, the mechanic enters all the materials he used and Connect calculates the bill for the customer. The mechanic prints a receipt and reports the job as done on his smartphone. The ERP system and planning board are simultaneously updated. “A major advantage of this solution is that all the data is available once the work order has been reported as completed and we can start with invoicing the insurance companies much earlier, states Mes.

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