Duijvelaar Pompen

With over 335 employees and a production capacity of 100,000 pumps per year, Duijvelaar Pompen is the market leader in the field of centrifugal pumps and pressure boosting installations for drinking and process water applications. To ensure optimal service,  50 technicians of Duijvelaar Pompen have been using Connect, Sigmax’ field service software, for six years.

From paper to digitalized processes

ICT Manager Niels Breedijk has been working for Duijvelaar Pompen for thirteen years and talks about the digital transition of the service flow: “Before we used Connect, our flow was completely on paper. This was labor intensive and error prone. Handwriting was difficult to read and one of our colleagues had to retype all the work orders, it just wasn’t possible anymore.”

Higher quality of data

“There have been several efficiency improvement strokes. The technician is now helped to go through the right steps and registers information. This has shortened the turnaround time towards customers and there are fewer administrative errors. Thanks to the interface, everything is handled automatically and placed in our ERP. Hours, types and materials are now all registered automatically, which has improved the quality of our data.”

Business goals and IoT

The use of Sigmax’ field service software has also been important  in achieving business goals. Breedijk: “Customer intimacy has improved because the handling of work orders is much more professional. Previously, the technicians sent the work orders by post and it could take some time, up to weeks, before the customer received the quotation.
We have noticed that customers are now pleasantly surprised when they receive invoices in their mail immediately after completing the order. Because the registration of materials is now done optimally, invoicing can also be done more quickly.” To enable predictive maintenance, Duijvelaar Pumps is busy with developments around IoT. “At the moment we are running pilots in which installations pass on malfunctions directly to Duijvelaar Pompen, so that we can switch immediately to help the customer. Sigmax also thinks along with us in this respect and proves that they are not just a supplier but also a real partner,” says Breedijk.

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