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Pure Energie

An increasing number of households in the Netherlands is switching to real green power. Pure Energie, the energy supplier designated as the greenest provider of the Netherlands four times in a row, is growing explosively with ICT partner Sigmax.

‘Sigmax, without fail, knows best how to translate the customer’s needs into technology’

Pure Energie proves that you don’t have to venture far afield to get the best. Cleverly converting energy from renewable Dutch sources, such as wind and sunlight, into green power appeals to more people in the Netherlands each day. As ICT partner for applications and infrastructure, Sigmax helps to shape Pure Energie’s ambitions and helps to offer its customers the best possible service.

“ICT should simply be present, and work properly.” That’s how Martijn Tielkes outlines his expectations of a technology partner in a nutshell. He is the ICT Manager at Pure Energie, the Raedthuys energy brand since 2013. With its business facilitating ICT, Sigmax, the preferred supplier for Raedthuys since 2012, has a crucial part in the development of Pure Energie. “I believe that this partnership is all about jointly creating additional value.”

Pure Energie has high standards. The supply of green power , for example, means making 100% use of renewable sources. And the ICT of the energy company is no different, according to Tielkes. “I want everything to be in perfect working order. There must be no obstacles for people when they are doing their jobs.”

Pure Energie

Part of the Raedthuys Groep

Founded: 1995

Employees: 50

Headquaters: Enschede



An eye for the customers’ vision

In Sigmax, Pure Energie has found a partner who always delivers. The contact between both parties has been positive right from the start: “Sigmax had an extremely good story, strong ideas about hosting and cloud, and a vision of our growth ambition and how ICT would help to shape that. This business-wise approach held great appeal and was well suited to my own ideas.”

Together, we decided to choose for a business case in which the hardware was migrated to the private cloud, but Pure Energie remained in technical control within this partnership. In addition, Sigmax has taken over the technical support and the supports the energy supplier’s end users . “Each day, we continue to reap the benefits of the choice we have made”, says Tielkes. The partnership is evaluated periodically and a strategic consultation takes place each year. “The agreements we make are properly developed and documented by Sigmax.”

Partnership creates space for innovation

The rapid growth of Pure Energie means that Sigmax now supports approximately fifty workstations. While Tielkes and his team continue to manage applications such as ERP, CRM and VoIP, Sigmax takes care of the hosting, system and network management. “It enables us to save on manpower, and I can deal with team coaching and new challenging projects. In the meantime, new workstations are delivered fully configured. We no longer have to be concerned with that.”

Recently, Pure Energie started using the Sigmax OneCloud, a platform that combines various cloud environments, allowing Tielkes to start using new technologies such as Azure multi-factor authentication, enterprise mobility management, and Office 365 very quickly. “I’m always looking for new opportunities. The OneCloud platform gives us the independence, scalability and 24×7 availability that we seek. Everyone can work at any time and even through the weekend”, says the ICT  Manager. “With Sigmax, we have made great progress, allowing us to keep up with the explosive growth of Pure Energie.”

Worry-free partnership: full attention to the human factor

Tielkes values the pleasant cooperation, in which Sigmax does not take over, but provides expert advice. “They consider our options and contribute ideas to reach the ‘next level’.” He describes Sigmax as “a nice mix of mankind and technology”. To explain this, he adds: “In ICT, you need people who are able to translate the customers’ needs into technology. Sigmax is an expert at that. Things can go wrong with whatever you are doing, but what matters is that any issues are addressed and resolved. Sigmax gives me that feeling. If I ask them to do something, I don’t have to worry about it, it will be arranged from start to finish. That’s great! I haven’t met a company like Sigmax before. They are unique in this region.”

Pure Energie & Sigmax

  • Desktop As A Service (DAAS)
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • 24/7 Standby service
  • End user support
  • Side support

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A supplier must not only understand the customers’ needs but also be able to scrutinize them. It is only then you build a partnership based on mutual trust. For food producer Intersnack, Sigmax’s ICT infrastructure forms the cornerstone of durable business success.

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