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ICT can be a powerful tool for your company’s growth and development. It is a valuable resource that can keep you ahead in the market. But that is only possible if you use your ICT in the correct way. And we are more than happy to help you with that.

Sigmax, your ICT partner in Business Excellence

As your ICT partner, we help you further your development from strong ICT foundations. By making future-proof choices with you in relation to ICT, by configuring your ICT in a smart way and supporting you on an operational level, you can focus on what it’s all about for you: excelling in your business today and tomorrow.

We work in a business-wise and people-driven way

With us, it is not about the solution itself but the issue we solve with it. That is why with our approach it is not the technology that is central but the people and the process. From there we make the transition to ICT.

More Sigmax, more value from your ICT

Working together with Sigmax means: partnership. Because it is only possible to arrive at solutions that really work for you by working together. The more proactive we can be in our partnership, the more value we can get from your ICT for you. As an ICT partner we can support you on three levels: operationally, tactically and strategically. We offer unique added value at every level.

Operational partnership

Keeping the
lights on

With Sigmax as your operational ICT partner, you can count on your ICT working as it should do. At all times and anywhere.

Tactical partnership

Work smarter,
perform better

Work fast, well and cheaply with Sigmax as your tactical ICT partner.

Strategic partnership


Stay ahead of developments with ICT as a strategic weapon and Sigmax as your strategic partner.

We deliver

From projects to ‘as a service’ and from management & support to consultancy

We provide ICT solutions and services in various forms. Depending on your requirements, we choose the form that best suits you. We can implement solutions on a project basis or supply these as a service. For support and management, you can choose from various forms and service levels, including 24/7 helpdesk support. You can also come to us for an insight into points for improvements, strategic advice or a second opinion.





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