Digitize your field service for higher customer satisfaction

For service organizations, creating an optimal customer relationship is more important than ever. The market is becoming increasingly competitive while customer expectations are rising. In order to retain customers, it is very important to provide optimal service quality that is both effective and responsive. But how do you achieve optimal service quality and what steps should your organization take for this?

Communicate a short period of time

Frequent communication is a must to avoid disappointment for your customer. Your customers are busy and want to know where they stand. You also want to prevent your service technicians from not being able to carry out the planned work because a customer is not at home.

Therefore, communicate as specific as possible about a time period so that the customer does not have to keep all day free. Have your technician use software that allows him to send an SMS, email or WhatsApp message to your customer prior to a visit. This tells your customer exactly when the technician will arrive. In addition to higher customer satisfaction, active information results in a lower not-home percentage.

Simplify making appointments

Customers expect that they can schedule an appointment quickly and easily. If you cannot offer this experience, you can be sure that a competitor will do. Make sure you can be reached quickly and easily and offer a flexible schedule for making an appointment. It is necessary to be accessible through different channels.

In some cases it is not possible to complete the planned work during the first visit. A follow-up appointment is therefore unavoidable. You, but also your customer, can switch quickly when this appointment is scheduled, directly, on site. With the right software, the technician has direct insight into the planning and the customer can choose a new date and schedule it himself.

Increase the first-time fix

Not solving a problem in one go is a major source of frustration for customers. It is also an unnecessary expense for service organizations. To avoid this, the use of an intelligent planning tool is essential. This ensures that an employee with the right skills and the right material is sent to a job.

Does the mechanic not have the right materials with him? With smart mobile software, he can check the stock of colleagues in the area and still carry out that repair in one go.

Measure your customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a very important pillar in any service organization. That is why it is essential to evaluate your customer satisfaction and processes. You can do this by automatically sending customers a questionnaire to collect feedback. Have all this information collected in one place by your field service software and ensure a proper analysis.

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