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Certified integration of SCANaCAR with CityControl

Collaboration with technology partners in the market, such as camera suppliers and scan specialists, enables Sigmax to better support municipalities in realizing a safe and livable city.

After a number of successful integrations, SCANaCAR, the scan car solution of Abstract Computing International (ACI), was certified by Sigmax last December. In line with the already existing cooperation aimed at coordinated product development and customer satisfaction, a full technical integration of SCANaCAR with Sigmax’ CityControl platform has been realized.

“We believe that by working closely with technology partners, such as camera suppliers and scan specialists, we can better enable our customers to realize a safe and liveable city,” says Kristofer Tingdahl, Product Manager at Sigmax Law Enforcement. “Digital enforcement provides municipalities with an additional set of resources that offer great added value in combination with traditional ad hoc control. This broadens the possibilities for further optimizing parking policies. “

“Taking the step to digital enforcement through digital cameras and scan vehicles is, in our opinion, is kept unnecessarily complex for the last couple of years. By requiring different software environments in addition to the existing enforcement environments, matters such as installment, use and maintenance became unnecessarily complicated and expensive. In addition, gaining experience with this new technology from a cost point of view was not possible.”

“With the integration of SCANaCAR and Sigmax, our customers can work on a plug-and-play base, with minimal effort and costs, with the scan car. This integration makes use of the existing CityControl functionalities such as existing parking-rights databases, registered parking areas, blue zones, existing exports and the current fiscal enforcement regime. In this way, the implementation and operational costs are kept to a minimum. Only the connection of the SCANaCAR is still required, “says Tingdahl.

“We believe that through close collaboration with technology partners in the market, such as camera suppliers and scan specialists, we are even better able to enable our customers to realize a safe and liveable city” – Kristofer Tingdahl

Allard Blom, CEO of ACI adds: “With this collaboration, municipalities can work carefree, independent and flexible with different parties. In addition, it also enables us to further specialize and develop in those areas where we can deliver the highest added value our customers. In addition to parking, the next logical step is to digitally enforce, for example, Mulder facts. A close integration with Sigmax’ CityControl platform also offers a very high added value in the entire chain of enforcement. “

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