Rogier de Mare new Business Unit Manager SequriX

As of February 1st, Sigmax has appointed Rogier de Mare as Business Unit Manager SequriX. As a Business Unit Manager, Rogier is responsible for the strategic development of this Sigmax division. He previously worked as a Sales Manager within Sigmax Law Enforcement.

SequriX is a business unit with great ambitions, both nationally and internationally. This requires a clear vision and the right leader. “Hence the choice to give a Sigmaxer at heart, with the necessary experience in the software landscape, the responsibility to further develop SequriX”, says Leo van den Ende, CEO of Sigmax.

Rogier is looking forward to this new challenge: “The strength of Sigmax is that we develop software for various niche markets. We do not only want to deliver excellent software to our clients, we also want to be the best in these niches. Our distinctiveness lies in the willingness to invest in specific knowledge and we subsequently use this knowledge to develop innovations. From this perspective, SequriX has developed a solid SaaS platform for security companies in the last couple of years. This solid foundation combined with a huge growth potential in the field of digitization within the security sector, is in line with our ambition to become thé management software provider for security companies in Europe.”

“Our distinctiveness lies in the willingness to invest in specific knowledge and we subsequently use this knowledge to develop innovations”, thus Rogier.

De Mare continues: “I have recently had the opportunity to meet the team that consists of professionals with an amazing drive and enthusiasm.” He expects these ingredients to make a difference the upcoming years. “Together with the team, we will continue to invest in our market proposition, our partners and in new innovations within our platforms. This in order to provide our customers with innovative solutions within their markets and to continue to grow as a business in Europe. ”

Rogier de Mare Sigmax

Rogier de Mare – Business Unit Manager  SequriX

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