The Sigmax Kennispark Run puts connecting above winning

The Sigmax Kennispark Run, which started and finished on the Innovation Path, brought professionals from the Kennispark and students together in diverse, meaningful ways. Around 150 enthusiastic runners successfully completed the race, which was held for the fourth time.

Leo van den Ende, director of Sigmax, kicked off the run with a short speech to address the special nature of 5 kilometer run and highlight a scoop: “This is the first run where we start and end on the new Innovation path. This path symbolically guides students from the ROC and from the train station, to various companies on the Kennispark, the University Twente and Saxion. This is a journey that we hope students and recent graduates will pursue and continue to make – start a career at a local company, where they use and share their knowledge and passion and thus continue to put the Twente area on the international forefront. We are proud to be the main sponsor of this wonderful event. I challenge you to reach out to your fellow athletes during the afterparty to interact and connect!”

Run and help each other out in activities

Teams from local companies and the municipality of Enschede started the unique run in groups of about 20 people. With challenges at and within ten different locations at the Kennispark, participants were offered a playful distraction, accompanied by necessary refreshments. In the short breaks between the running parts, runners were asked to play football, solve puzzles, play bowling, ride skippy balls and play memory in teams. These games were both supervised by students from the ROC and volunteers from participating Kennispark organizations. In line with the tropical conditions, runners were treated after the run to a healthy smoothie and a refreshing ice cream. Many participants met peers and interacted with students before, during and after the run.

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