Keeping hold of talent: a condition for sustainable success

Sigmax is working together with fellow companies in Twente, developing schemes for the region to hold on to young talent studying ICT courses. On Wednesday, both national and regional media reported on the consortium’s ambitions. Sigmax was one of the initiators.

For young people studying ICT courses, most of the opportunities seem to be in the Randstad area or abroad. At least, that’s the impression given by large companies outside Twente, who lure the talent away from the area with high salaries and enticing offers. Sigmax, in conjunction with firms TRIMM, Odin Groep, and BetterBe, and two educational institutions – the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences – has taken the initiative to develop more attractive offers for working in the region alongside, and after, ICT courses.

Interview with CityControl developer

The grass on the other side of the fence isn’t always greener, Hilde Hamer from Sigmax told daily newspaper Tubantia. She was interviewed on Tuesday about her experiences as a student and new ICT employee in Twente. “I get contacts from ICT companies several times a month via LinkedIn”, she said – but she prefers to remain in Overijssel. She also talked about her challenging work, which includes improving the CityControl app.

It is important to the consortium that talented individuals like Hilde can be involved in this kind of exciting activity while they are still studying, so that they come into contact with the opportunities offered by employers at places like the Knowledge Park. “We can’t wait for young people to complete their studies”, said Sigmax CEO Leo van den Ende. “That’s why it’s important for companies in Twente to work together on this.” The consortium is therefore keen to expand, and seeking additional partners.

Financial reimbursement

Part of the consortium’s strategy is to reimburse (part of) tuition costs, explains newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. The measure is born of necessity, since 85 percent of ICT students at the University of Twente leave the region after their studies.

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