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The importance of 24/7 optimal service and support for security companies

Digitisation of various processes within a security company can be a radical process internally. A support telephone number that cannot be reached or an unannounced update that causes your system to fail are anything but desirable. In this blog Rogier van Benthem, Service Manager at Sigmax, tells how his team strives for optimal service for SequriX users.

Always available

For SequriX users, we have a skilled Service Desk that is available 24/7 by e-mail, telephone or through the self-service portal. The Service Desk is physically present during office hours. Outside these hours a consignment service applies. During this service, customers can also contact us in the event of a malfunction. This means we are always available for users of the SequriX software.

The right resources

The Service Desk uses TOPdesk, a service management solution to register, secure and handle all customer queries. The software engineers of SequriX also use it, which ensures proper coordination of ticket processing. When a customer asks a question, we get to work on it as soon as possible! Sometimes it can be solved immediately, but when this is not the case we ask important follow-up questions to gather more information to reach a solution.

Updates and release notes

It is important for security companies to know when updates will be implemented. Thanks to the close cooperation between the software engineers and the Service Desk, we are informed in a timely manner of any changes that take place in the software. This enables our team to share release notes and, if necessary, adjust the manual in the service portal.


Thanks to training from the engineering team, our team has good knowledge of the application. Fortunately, the software engineers of SequriX are always ready to jump in when their knowledge of the software is needed. The lines are short, resulting in a customer who quickly gets an answer to the question! So we work towards our goal every day: a satisfied customer who has pleasant contact with the Service Desk.

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