Co-founder Walter Rijk resigns from Sigmax

“After twenty years of building Sigmax with full devotion, the moment has come to change directions”, he writes. “With pain in my heart I announce that I’ve decided to leave Sigmax.”

“Together with Leo van den Ende, I started Sigmax in 1998. It took hard labor to make the company into what it is today. Lately, I began to notice that the size and the maturity phase in which Sigmax no finds itself, does not longer fit my personal preference. I love my work, but my heart lies in the creation and development phase of new companies. That is why I took the hardest decision of my life, and therefore I say goodbye on March 31.

Over the past period, a number of my management duties have already been taken over by the management team. Sigmax is currently in talks with candidates to also take over my role as business unit manager at IoT Solutions and SequriX. I have absolute faith in the future development of Sigmax under the leadership of Leo.

I will not completely disappear from the scene. I remain a shareholder and will take a seat on the Advisory Board. In this way, important knowledge for the company is preserved and Leo can fall back on a sparring partner. Which passions I will continue to develop after this great Sigmax period, will become clear to me after a few months of rest and travel. I thank my colleagues for working together during the past years and wish them all the best!”

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