IoT Maintenance

IoT Maintenance and Field Service

With the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), Sigmax is able to realize solutions that allow organizations to save money on maintenance and management, enabling them to compete better in a competitive market with high expectations.

Reduce the number of breakdowns and get a grip on maintenance

Maintenance is often too early or too late for organizations. The art for innovative companies is to know the exact moment at which machines or devices require maintenance. The Internet of Things offers a solution. With its IoT solutions, Sigmax provides insight into the state of devices and allows it to predict easy maintenance and management of assets, even with alert if desired. In this way costs are saved and you reduce the number of faults.

In addition to predictive maintenance, track-and-trace

The IoT Solutions from Sigmax use standardized adapter protocols and data processing services that deliver customized solutions at every location. Thanks to current data from sensors over objects, you gain more insight into the status of valuable components and systems, both in- and outdoor. In addition, you can use IoT technology (in combination with GPS or LoRa) to determine positioning on assets and monitor the movement of objects in real-time or immediately know where a measurement comes from.

Asset management

Data provides insight into how objects or (parts of) devices perform. Depending on the requirements, an alarm or operation for maintenance can be adjusted. Sigmax has proven expertise and, where necessary, an extensive partner network to enable the application of predictive maintenance and IoT asset management. Based on your customer needs, we can propose a suitable solution for every situation.

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