Field Service Groei Model

Field Service Growth Model

How do you grow into a more customer-driven organisation and what options are available to you to do that? Our Field Service Groei Model ™ (Field Service Growth Model) is the answer to a customer-driven future starting from your service organisation. Discover how you can respond to changes and use the opportunities to the full.
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Ready for a successful future

Your organisation’s strategy is the basis from which to evolve into a productive and customer-driven service organisation. What is you mission? What is your vision? The answers to these questions define your organisation’s DNA.

We are well aware that all service organisations work differently. So we want to get to know you. We want to know what your objectives and KPIs are. Do you want to increase turnover or is your focus customer satisfaction? We look at how your service organisation is currently performing. Are your staff satisfied with existing working methods? Are your customers satisfied with your service organisation? And is there sufficient support for introducing change?

Finally, we define your organisation’s needs and objectives, where your chances and opportunities lie. Our Field Service Groei Model ™ helps you clarify and understand the stages of growth and define the next step. Together we make a concrete plan for the future. That plan converts your objectives and KPIs into the service capabilities that will benefit you the most. We will support you at every step where needed.


Four steps to a successful service organisation

Objectives & KPIs

Together we define realistic goals and KPIs


We analyse your current working methods and service processes

Road map

We create a strategic road map with the required service capabilities


We select the right solutions and support you with implementing them successfully

Responding to changes with the right service capabilities

Your service capabilities define your organisation’s efficiency and customer friendliness. Depending on your objective and your organisation’s growth stage, you require certain capabilities today but you may require others tomorrow. Today’s challenges are not necessarily tomorrow’s challenges. If you want to take the next step, then the Field Service Groei Model ™ will show you a number of growth stages of a service organisation. Sigmax is ready to help you to successfully remodel your organisation to achieve the next stage of growth.

  • Would you like to focus on performing the greatest number of tasks with your available workforce? Then the Service Essentials capabilities can help you further.
  • Would you also like to increase customer satisfaction throughout the full service chain? Then perhaps the Service Engagement capabilities would suit you better.
  • Are you aiming for operational excellence? Then select Service Excellence to gain a greater understanding of how to get the most out of your processes.

Service Essentials

Capabilities providing cost savings and enabling efficient working practices

  • Planning
  • Completing orders
  • Time and kilometer registration
  • Use of materials
  • Navigation
  • Proof of delivery

Service Engagement

Capabilities prioritising the customer and generating additional turnover

  • Location services
  • Invoice calculations
  • Stock & Logistics
  • Smart Forms
  • Document Exchange
  • Customer history
  • Service history

Service Excellence

Capabilities providing an insight into your processes and enabling improvements

  • Object based service & inspection
  • Bill of materials
  • Contracts & warranties
  • Mobile payments
  • Self-service support
  • Subcontractor support
  • Data warehouse
  • Decision support
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Why evolve with Sigmax?

  • Rely on the knowledge of the Sigmax experts. We have over 17 years of experience with automating service organisations
  • Guaranteed standard solutions, proven in practice
  • Collaborations with strategic partners from IT integration, mobile hardware, business intelligence and mobile lifecycle management
  • Full user support during and after the project

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    The Field Mobility Suite is the mobile software package for service organisations wanting to achieve successful growth.

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    “Sigmax has years of experience with rolling out mobility at companies, they want to understand how our staff work and took our needs into consideration.”

    John Huitink – Geas

    “The major advantage of the Sigmax solution is that all the data is available as soon as a work order is created. It means we can start invoicing much earlier.”

    Mark Mes – Carglass

    “We now complete more orders per day. By setting standard delivery times, we work more efficiently. Above all, it has increased the service towards the customer”

    Klaas Berends – Medux