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ICT can be a powerful tool for your company’s growth and development. It is a valuable resource that can keep you ahead in the market. But that is only possible if you use your ICT in the correct way. And we are more than happy to help you with that.

Who are we?

We believe that ICT is the foundation which will enable you to achieve your organization’s objectives. We see the use of ICT as a powerful tool that, together with the right people and shared ambitions, leads to the most valuable results. Continually exceeding your expectations about our service is what drives us.

Making a difference with partnership

We get into a partnership with our customers at various levels. At operational, tactical and strategic level, we ensure you that you receive more value from your ICT.

Operational partnership

Keeping the
lights on

With Sigmax as your operational ICT partner, you can count on your ICT working as it should do. At all times and anywhere.

Tactical partnership

Work smarter,
perform better

Work fast, well and cheaply with Sigmax as your tactical ICT partner.

Strategic partnership


Stay ahead of developments with ICT as a strategic weapon and Sigmax as your strategic partner.

More value from your ICT

The better we know your business, the better we can advise you. We like to think along with you, as a partner, in the field of the right ICT solution. Your business innovations and innovations in technology, require a personal and proactive collaboration between your organization and Sigmax.
Together we develop an environment that perfectly matches your wishes and needs. This way you can do what counts for you; excel in your business.

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ONE Solutions

For entrepreneurs who want to work smarter, we have developed ONE Solutions. Sigmax ONE Solutions is the best total solution when it comes to a safe, efficient and customized ICT environment. All our ONE Solutions are fully coordinated and arranged in such a way that you will always have the right solution. With ONE Solutions you choose a solution that results in significant value for your organization and ensures that you can continue to work. Always and everywhere!

ONE Services

ONE Services offer services where you are the focal point. We take care of the management of a complex environment and offer you all-time support when it comes to ICT. The ONE Services consist of standardized service modules that can be bundled together as one customized service solution. The services are clearly described and you know in advance what to expect. Proactive, flexible and no surprises.

Our expertises and solutions

E-books en papers

On this page you will find various documents and reports in relation to current topics such as digital transformation and GDPR (in Dutch).


Sigmax successful case studies

Pure Energie

An increasing number of households in the Netherlands is switching to real green power. Pure Energie, the energy supplier designated as the greenest provider of the Netherlands four times in a row, is growing explosively with ICT partner Sigmax.

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