Is your ICT a strategic weapon?

ICT is a strategic tool with which you can stay ahead of your competition. A strategic alignment of business and ICT is therefore of great importance. How do you get your ICT in line with your business? And how do you maintain that synergy?


Sigmax provides your ICT roadmap to business excellence

Based on an analysis of the people, processes and technology in your organisation, our ICT consultants translate your strategic objectives into future-proof ICT solutions. Solutions which enable you to excel each and every day in your business.

ICT Consultancy

Our ICT consultants brainstorm with you about concrete ICT problems, for example related to licenses, compliancy and security. These are complex issues that demand specialist knowledge to arrive at the correct insights and solutions and our consultants are happy to apply these in practice for you.

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ICT Advisory Report

Do you need tangible advisory report for your accountant or internal decision making? In our advisory report, we summarise our analysis, advice and points for improvement together in one clear report. These could be a Second Opinion, a Security Scan or an analysis of the actual status of your network.

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ICT Workshops & training

Encourage proper use of your ICT environment and have your professionals trained by the specialists of Sigmax.
Our customised workshops and training are focused on working speed, efficiency and effectivity. Being familiar with ICT ensures the correct use of ICT.

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Sigmax successful case studies


A supplier must not only understand the customers’ needs but also be able to scrutinize them. It is only then you build a partnership based on mutual trust. For food producer Intersnack, Sigmax’s ICT infrastructure forms the cornerstone of durable business success.

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