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MobilePolice is the complete mobile solution for digitally enforcing public order. The application facilitates the tasks and administrative process for the police.

Issue tickets for all contraventions in the offence code book

MobilePolice is a complete digital reference book and contains the full offence code book. The system contains a menu with the main headings, the GRASHELM mobile menu, so that traffic enforcement teams can quickly find offences in each individual category.

Smart technology

Smart technology streamlines the tasks carried out by enforcement officers. For example, by being able to read driving licences and to query details using a real-time link to the Netherland’s Vehicle Authority (RDW).

More than a digital ticket book

MobilePolice can be expanded with modules for vehicle registration recognition, photographic records and GPS navigation. MobilePolice can also be adapted to meet your specific needs. The system can be used for basic police care as well as specialist tasks by traffic enforcement teams, environmental police, investigators, immigration enforcement and district police officers.

MobilePolice components

Mobile application

Enables enforcers to check details, create offence reports and take photographs

Compact printer

For printing offence reports


For processing data,and offers extensive reporting options

Ticket printed, administrative tasks done

As soon as an offence report is filled in and completed, it only takes one touch of a button for the enforcement officer to print the offence report. And with that, the administrative tasks are done. All data is automatically forwarded to the back office for further processing. Reporting officers don’t waste valuable working time. Moreover, fewer tickets are withdrawn because the penalty notices are sent straight to the police station.

One eye on reality

Sigmax is fully aware how the police regions in the Netherlands perform their core tasks and we have used that knowledge in creating MobilePolice. We work closely with the organisations involved in the civil enforcement process, including the Netherland’s Vehicle Authority (RDW) and the Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB) and we are a partner of the Dutch Police Co-operation Facility (vtsPN). We never stop looking for new, better quality and more efficient solutions. Solutions for providing broader support in the process of tracking and enforcement.

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