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Complement Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Sigmax Connect

Do you use ERP solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform? Expand your range with Sigmax Connect, our field service solution. Sigmax Connect connects seamlessly to Dynamics thanks to the proven integration. This means you can focus on what you are good at, but still provide a total solution that relieves customers of their worries throughout the entire service process. Our solution has been used by satisfied customers in the service industry for over 16 years.

Specialist in field service

We have been working closely with service organisations from various industries for over 16 years. We know what’s going on. This has allowed us to optimise Sigmax Connect perfectly for service processes. Our solution is used by service organisations from such industries as property maintenance, care aids, installation technology, climate technology and industrial technology.

Proven integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sigmax Connect has a proven integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We offer support for Business Central, Navision, F&O and Axapta within Dynamics as an ERP solution. This means you can be sure that Connect works optimally with the solution you provide your customers.

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Flexible set-up

Connect consists of fixed components, but it can be configured flexibly. This is our strength. We map out service processes and ensure the software supports them optimally. Your customers’ technicians get to see what they need at the right time. And if anything changes during the process? No problem. We can effortlessly make adjustments.


Short lines and rapid development

We deliver a standard solution, but keep moving. Our own dedicated product team in Enschede (the Netherlands) is continuously improving Connect. We work in sprints and release a new update every two weeks. This enables us to respond quickly to developments in the market, as well as to the wishes of customers and partners. We have short lines of communication and can adapt rapidly. What if there is a high demand for a certain functionality? We will ensure it is available in Connect quickly. We never lose sight of quality and stability.

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Close collaboration

Of course, we ensure the collaboration is also commercially attractive. We like to make agreements that will make us both happy. The collaboration will help you in several ways, for example with a new sales channel. We have experience with both main and subcontractors. To simplify communication, we make a Partner Manager available from Sigmax as a fixed point of contact. And because we value long-term partnerships, we always remain strategically and tactically involved.

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The high degree of configurability enables us to be active in a number of niches such as installation technology, care aids, climate technology, property maintenance and industrial technology. Every industry has specific processes that require a different workflow. Our standard templates for the various industries mean we offer both rapid implementation and complete support.

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A total solution that customers can rely on

We often see that customers are looking for a total solution. An ERP system and a field service solution. Naturally, these systems must work together as optimally as possible. With Sigmax Connect, you can expand your offering with a reliable field service solution that perfectly links and works together with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

White label possible

Would you like to offer Sigmax Connect under your own label? No problem. We are happy to design Connect in your house style. This means you can create a consistent experience for your customers.

This is also true for your international customers

Sigmax Connect is ready to be deployed internationally. Connect supports multilingualism, and our service desk offers international support. We are currently working with organisations in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.

Sigmax successful case studies


Innovation through standardisation. That’s what ERP implementation partner Bluace stands for. Based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, the Rotterdam-based organisation helps service organisations digitise and standardise operating processes. In order to help organisations not just with an ERP system but also with the digital processing of service orders, Bluace set out to find a partner in the field of field service software. Sigmax turned out to be the perfect match.

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Every day, 350 Carglass mechanics, from 58 branches and a mobile service, provide expert repairs and car windscreen replacements. To provide a fast service to customers across the country, Carglass digitised its service planning and work orders using Connect, the field service software from Sigmax.

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Duijvelaar Pompen

With over 335 employees and a production capacity of 100,000 pumps per year, Duijvelaar Pompen is the market leader in the field of centrifugal pumps and pressure boosting installations for drinking and process water applications. To ensure optimal service,  50 technicians of Duijvelaar Pompen have been using Connect, Sigmax’ field service software, for eight years.

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Geas, Kemkens and Energiewacht Groep

Geas Energiewacht, Kemkens, and Energiewacht Groep took the next step in automating the sales department and their field service working with Sigmax’s field service management solution. This enables the field service organizations to better respond to the changing needs of the customer and adapt the technicians’ tasks.

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