ICT security scan

How secure is your ICT environment?

As a modern organisation you collect, create and manage your data via devices and applications, but how secure are your working methods? Avoid unpleasant surprises and get a grip on your ICT with Sigmax.

Getting a grip on your security

Getting a grip starts by providing insight into the current status of your security, because it is only when you know the risks that you actually know what security measures to take. Sigmax provides that insight and offers the ideal security mix for your specific situation. Do you need this insight? Then have the Security Scan performed.

Security Scan

Sigmax ONE Secure

Custom security

Sigmax ONE Secure is a mix of security solutions customised to your needs, and with which you can work securely anywhere and at all times. Sigmax ONE Secure is implemented as a total solution and managed completely by Sigmax. No more managing individual components, but choose for security that is seamlessly aligned to your organisation’s unique needs.

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  • A total solution
  • Configured to your needs
  • Including management and service desk

Sigmax ONE Identity

All access arranged behind the scenes

With Sigmax ONE Identity the risk of errors, misuse and administrative fuss through an exponential growth of passwords are things of the past. With this cloud solution access to files is arranged centrally behind the scenes. Each professional only has to log in once to have access to a work environment with all the applications he or she needs to use.

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  • Avoid the risk of data leaks, misuse and errors
  • Simple password management
  • Clear control of all your applications
  • Work quickly and conveniently
Sigmax successful case studies


A supplier must not only understand the customers’ needs but also be able to scrutinize them. It is only then you build a partnership based on mutual trust. For food producer Intersnack, Sigmax’s ICT infrastructure forms the cornerstone of durable business success.

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