Wegsleepregeling Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s tow-away regulation delivers its first results

With Sigmax’s modern and reliable technology, the Municipality of Amsterdam has overhauled its tow-away regulations. Using CityControl, enforcement officers make complete registrations of vehicles parked in the wrong place or the wrong time in Amsterdam.

The new, effectively arranged tow-away regulations from the Municipality of Amsterdam lead to a better quality of life in the city. CityControl’s customised tow-away module fully supports traffic penalties, administrative enforcement and temporary traffic measures and creates a closed enforcement chain. This leads to quality registrations and a reliable follow up of parking violations that result in towing-away or moving vehicles.

A-Z chain coverage: from identification to settlement

Combined with the PerfectView depot system, CityControl offers full functionality for all enforcement scenarios. Based on ANPR and GPS location data, vehicle data is enhanced through a link with the Dutch vehicle authority (RDW) vehicle register. Together with photos and descriptions of the damage, this forms a closed and complete record of the towing action.

This so-called ‘tow-away ticket’ is sent from CityControl to PerfectView to be saved and for further (financial) settlement. An extensive overview and statistics of the implemented towing activities can be requested via the Backoffice. The solution also offers support for resource planning and work tasks.

“With Sigmax’s new system, we are in better control of our processes and the parking policy”, says Henk van Geemen, Project leader & Enforcement Advisor at the municipality of Amsterdam. “In the end, citizens benefit from a safe and accessible Amsterdam.”

Reduced disturbance and a smarter use of resources

The CityControl tow-away module in used via 10 mobile devices and for approximately 12,000 tow-away actions per year. Besides that, the new system should lead to less disturbance from wrongly parked vehicles, and CityControl enables a more efficient use of manpower and resources for clients such as Amsterdam. “It is good that enforcement officers can work via a fully digital process, that is less sensitive to errors”, states Van Geemen. “This system means great progress and enables is to meet our municipal tasks.”

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