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You want your professionals to get the most out of their day and be able to work together at all times and anywhere. Good, fast connections and smart communication tools that are optimally aligned to the way your professionals want to work are thereby indispensable.

Sigmax creates your ideal communication solution

Based on how you and your professionals want to work we will compile the perfect mix of communication solutions for you and implement them as one seamless total solution. A custom solution created for you so it is perfectly aligned to your needs and you don’t pay for things you don’t require.

Sigmax ONE Communications

Seamless partnerships, anywhere and anytime

Sigmax ONE Communications is a customised mix of telephony, communication and collaborative tools, such as web-based telephony, Skype for business or chat. This mix is implemented as one integral solution and can be integrated with your CRM or ERP environment. Central management of the solution means your professionals have one point of contact. The integration of landlines, mobile phones and collaborative tools guarantees user-friendly and streamlined collaboration.


  • Everything managed from the cloud and centrally
  • Always using the most modern features
  • Seamless integration of landlines and mobile phones
  • Integration of collaboration and communication tools
  • Do not pay for ownership but for use

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A supplier must not only understand the customers’ needs but also be able to scrutinize them. It is only then you build a partnership based on mutual trust. For food producer Intersnack, Sigmax’s ICT infrastructure forms the cornerstone of durable business success.

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