8 benefits of working paperless in Field Services

The world around us is digitizing increasingly. Field service organizations should not lag behind and the switch to working entirely paperless doesn’t have to be a big one. If your organization has not yet undergone a digital transformation and is still working on paper, here are the 8 benefits of using a mobile software solution.

  1. Adaptable to changing business processes
    When you are still working on paper, it is difficult to implement renewed or changing business processes. The forms must be updated and printed. With a reliable mobile software solution, you can use one app to record your work processes in configurable workflows. By using checklists and questionnaires you can record all desired information.
  2. Clear reporting
    With mobile software you can take photos and make sketches directly and save them with the work order. You can add notes to explain images. For case building or handling insurance work, this option is a major advantage over working on paper.
  3. Route optimization and navigation
    By using mobile software you can plan routes more efficiently. You can see your employees whereabouts in real time enabling you to dispatch the nearest engineer in case of rush orders. In addition, the employee can navigate directly from a mobile application. As a result, external navigation systems are no longer necessary, and the technician now has all the information in one device.

  1. More efficiently scheduling
    Unfortunately, a first-time-fix is not always possible and a second or even third call is necessary. This is tedious and time consuming for you, but also for your customer. With a good mobile field service solution, a new follow-up appointment can be scheduled immediately because the technician has insight into the planning. As a result, the customer does not first have to wait for a proposal from the back office and this contributes to higher customer satisfaction.
  2. Always the right information at hand
    When your service engineer works with mobile software, he always has insight into contract information and customer history. This allows him to immediately check whether a repair is covered by the warranty or service contract. Connect software from Sigmax does not depend on network service so it is possible to work with little or no network.
  3. Fast and reliable billing
    It happens on a regular basis: an engineer carries out an emergency repair, without the necessary paperwork. If such ad hoc activities are not registered properly, the customer cannot be invoiced. Or if the mechanic forgets to register the materials used, you are missing out on money proceeds. Because mobile field service management software registers everything in real time, it is clear which activities are being carried out and which materials have been used. This shortens your billing cycle and ensures an efficient and reliable way of billing.
  4. Higher customer satisfaction
    If your service engineer does not have the correct materials with him, he will have to come back again to finish the repairs. Fortunately, you can avoid these situations with good inventory management. Your field service software can help. From the application, for example, your technician has direct insight into the warehouse stock and the inventory of colleagues in the area. He can often complete the repair in one go, which ensures a satisfied customer.
  5. Easy connection with external systems
    By working with mobile software, integration with external devices is easy. For example, if the handheld is provided with an optical barcode scanner, it can be used directly in Connect. This means it is no longer necessary to enter article information manually. A good field service software solution can also be linked to a (mobile) printer and payment terminal, allowing the service engineer to easily print receipts and pay directly at the door. In addition, you can link directly to an ERP system, which speeds up the billing cycle. This is much faster than when working with paper. Are you curious about the possibilities for your service organization? Feel free to contact Sigmax Field Service Solutions.

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