CityControl is a complete and versatile solution for digital mobile enforcement in public spaces. The smartphone application is an effective aid for supporting civil enforcement officers in their roles and also simplifies and facilitates the corresponding administrative tasks.

Versatile digital enforcement

CityControl is a full digital reference tool enabling civil enforcement officers to have all the information about laws, policies and police regulations at their fingertips. The package supports a range of enforcement practices within your city council, from enforcing parking policy to environmental zones, to cases of public nuisance and administering the Licensing and Catering Act. CityControl also offers a solution for information-led policing (ILP).

Issuing tickets and registration at the touch of a button

CityControl takes the civil enforcement officer step by step through the process of issuing a ticket. Smart technology facilitates the civil enforcement officers’ job , e.g.  reading ID cards. The civil enforcement officers can also use CityControl to register the hours they have worked and the number of spot checks. They can also measure the occupancy rates in parking zones or keep track of parking numbers.

Linking external systems

Civil enforcement officers can use CityControl to consult external online systems to request vehicle details from the Netherland’s Vehicle Authority (RDW), as well as personal data and the status of parking payments sent by phone or text. CityControl can also check disabled parking permits using a link to the National Parking Register.

CityControl links perfectly to Sigmax’s CityPermit system and with other third party systems.

A powerful management tool

You can use CityControl to generate extensive graphic reports or density maps for creating or assessing policy. The generated reports can easily be exported to Excel.

CityControl components

Mobile application

Enabling civil enforcement officers to check details, issue fines and scan permits and vehicle registrations.

Compact printer

For printing penalty notices and notifications.


For processing data, including extensive reporting options.

Choose CityControl

If you would like to know how CityControl could benefit your city council, then please contact us for information. We will be more than happy to explain the possibilities.

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