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Use CityAccess to digitally enforce closures and access checks with ANPR cameras: from city closures, environmental zones and bus lanes to limited access areas. The camera scans the vehicle registration plate and CityAccess automatically identifies whether the vehicle is authorised to drive in that area.

CityAccess: control and enforcement with camera surveillance

Access and exit checks are no simple task: observation, recognition, reinforcement and checks. The administrative side can also be extremely complex. CityAccess has a back office system for registering and processing penalty charges for vehicles without an exemption or permit for the designated (environmental) zones. The system is linked to fixed and mobile ANPR camera systems, car-mounted scanners and active access systems through, for example, transponders and passes.

Simple to register, easy to check

The City Access BackOffice contains a whitelist where you can add exemptions. This list includes vehicles that are authorised to drive in a specific area at a certain time. You can directly view any vehicle that is driving in an unauthorised area. Vehicles with an exemption driving in the area are not displayed in the list. Enforcing limited access areas becomes more effective and efficient because you only see the registrations which require attention. The automatic link to the Netherland’s Vehicle Authority (RDW) and the Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB) speeds up, simplifies and clarifies the process of issuing penalty notices. With CityAccess, there is no need for physical closures and it therefore eliminates failure sensitivity and high purchase and maintenance costs.

Settle and process fines directly

It takes only one push of a button to accept or withdraw a penalty charge/registration using City Access. The system creates a digital file for every contravention, with the various characteristics of the offence including photos and GPS location. The complete source documentation is therefore always available if the ticket is disputed. Because you have the additional information from the CJIB, you will always register the correct details. The penalty notices are sent directly to the CJIB and withdrawn penalty notices are also logged, preventing fraud.

All benefits in a row

  • Physical closures are redundant, no high purchase and maintenance costs
  • Input exemptions in an whitelist, providing automatic filtering
  • The information generated by the camera is directly visible in BackOffice
  • Link to the RDW and CJIB provides additional name and vehicle details
  • A source document is always available, e.g. if a ticket is disputed
  • CityAccess logs withdrawn penalty notices
  • Easily export the all details of the penalty notice to the CJIB
  • One system containing all the information and fines, also for parking and public order
  • Apply for exemptions conveniently via a web portal and mobile application

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