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BikeControl is a digital tool enabling total bicycle enforcement. Consider bicycles and/or scooters parked dangerously or that are causing an obstruction, bikes parked for lengthy periods or wrecked bikes. It is also a convenient tool for scheduling enforcement activities, registering labelled bikes, as well as for logistics and legal formalities.

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Digital enforcement according to General Local Ordinance 

The support BikeControl offers to civil enforcement officers when registering and labelling wrongly parked bicycles is based on the applicable bylaw (Algemeen Plaatselijk Verordening or APV). The seamless link with the bicycle depot application provides a closed chain, eradicating fraud in the future.

Web-based backoffice for planning

You can create and schedule enforcement activities in the back office system. You simply indicate where to label wrongly parked bicycles, where new checks should be carried out and where bikes should be removed. The enforcement officer can see all the scheduled activities directly on his or her smartphone.

Additional photographic evidence

When scanning a label on the street, enforcement officers often add supporting photographic evidence to the list of the bike’s important characteristics. These are directly linked to the bicycle’s file and forwarded to the bicycle depot application. The complete file is digitally generated and compiled on the street, and digitally processed in the bike depot: total bike enforcement in a closed chain.

One administration: no double tasks

BikeControl simplifies and facilitates the administrative tasks related to labelled and removed bikes. The civil enforcement officers on the street scan all labelled bicycles and the system automatically checks the applicable bylaw. If in violation with the bylaw, the system displays all additional information fields essential for processing in the bike depot. This completes the registrations and the details do not have to be entered a second time. This prevents any errors and potential fraud, and it also saves precious time.

Full registration for reporting purposes

Digitally recording all enforcement activities and registrations ensures that reports can be generated regarding the tasks carried out by bicycle enforcement teams and the corresponding results. The results can also be displayed on a map of the city using GPS navigation. This provides a direct overview of the locations with the most offences.

Link to the bike depot application


For every bicycle that is removed, BikeControl creates a digital file in the PerfectView bicycle depot application. This file includes the colour, brand, type and frame number of all bikes registered on the streets. Go to for more information.

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If you would like to know how BikeControl could benefit your city council then please feel free to request information. We will be more than happy to explain the possibilities to you in an introductory meeting.

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    Utrecht City Council

    Utrecht is the first city council to use a completely digital enforcement system for bikes: BikeControl. The priority during the entire process was lean thinking and using a clear vision to work towards a complete, interconnected chain.

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