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CityPermit will make it common practice to apply for a parking permit online.

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One system for parking permits and exemptions

CityPermit is the online parking permit system for city councils enabling citizens and companies to arrange their parking matters automatically via the internet. With just one single system you record contact moments with the applicant, process the financial side of issued permits and compile reports. With this you considerably reduce your city council’s administrative tasks with permit applications.

The CityPermit components

Digital desk

Citizens  and companies arrange their parking matters online, including payments.

Application & Telephone line

For registering and deregistering visitors, topping up or crediting parking payments.


For processing and verifying applications. A powerful tool for evaluating results.

Register visitors with ease, carefree parking

CityPermit is convenient to use and provides users with the best possible support. It automatically checks the accuracy and completeness of the entered data before an application is converted into a permit. The system contains full data about the types of permits and exemptions in your city council. The applicable rules, required documentation and any exceptions are all incorporated in the system.  This means office staff always have all the information at hand to process the application.


A powerful management tool

With every application, CityPermit creates a central digital file. You can generate clear management summaries, potentially specified per district or urban area with the corresponding statuses, check parking periods and rates, request specific information regarding the reason for refusing a permit, or check the applicant’s contact details. These files can be used in an activity-based information system.

It works anywhere

CityPermit is an online service that can be hosted by Sigmax. This can significantly benefit your city council. It reduces the work for the ICT department and the system can be consulted anywhere and at any time via a secure connection. You also always have the latest updates available. Additionally Sigmax functions as supportpartner for users.

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If you would like to know how Sigmax could benefit your city council, then please contact us and request a demo. We will be more than happy to explain the possibilities.

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