Scan car

Enforcement with more visible results: the combination of scan cars and CityControl. With the use of scan cars Sigmax offers a complete solution for data-driven number plate parking.

The scan cars are equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to recognise number plates and take photos of the surroundings while driving. One system to centrally check number plates using the Parking Rights DataBase (PRDB) for existing parking rights, and automatically recognise exclusions and permits via the link with CityControl. Vehicle registrations without valid parking rights are clearly presented and handled automatically.

Mobile eyes with added value

The quick and efficient scan cars from Sigmax offer additional benefits. They provide municipalities with additional useful information, for example for mapping parking occupancy rates per parking zone and the willingness to pay. Through the link with CityControl enforcement officers are able to check the information directly, both on the spot with their smartphone and at the office via the backoffice. This total solution also enables you to perform historical analysis based on extensive management reports.

Durable and customised

Sigmax provides complete services including expert advice from our professionals about the choice of (possibly electrical) vehicles and how to use them properly. This enables municipalities to flexibly deploy the scan cars and there is one contact point for any questions or issues you may have about digital enforcement.

If you would like to know more or run a pilot in your municipality, then get in touch and ask about the possibilities!

All the benefits in a row

  • End-to-end scan car solution with one party
  • One contact point – including advice, training and support
  • Use a scan car, bike and/or scooter depending on your wishes and requirements
  • Use existing links with the PRDB and parking permit systems, without the need for customisation
  • Current and historical information about the parking occupancy rates and willingness to pay by way of a dashboard
  • Create extensive historical reports

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