City of Brussels: Europe’s largest scanning car project

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City of Brussels: Europe’s largest scanning car project 

The City of Brussels is deploying scanning vehicle technology on a large scale to check compliance with its parking policy. A total of 13 scan vehicles cross the city to check 30,000 regulated parking spaces for parking validity. Annually, 5.3 million license plates are scanned and 450,000 fines are handed out.  

The electric scanning vehicles, supplied by ACI SCANaCAR, are equipped with high-quality cameras that recognise license plates and traffic signs. During its ride, the car scans the license plates of parked cars. Eric Dubois of explains how it works: “Someone buys a ticket at the parking meter or registers via text message, and this data is sent to a central database. The scanning car that passes by takes photos, including the number plate. This data is forwarded to the database and if it turns out that no parking fee has been paid, a fine is sent to the owner of the car.” 

1,000 cars per hour 

“With the scan car, checks are much more widespread”, Dubois says. “Our parking officers on foot are controlling about 500 vehicles a day, with a scan car it’s 1,000 cars an hour. And given the increasing parking pressure in Brussels, it is necessary to check more often.”  

Largest scan vehicle project in Europe 

Wouter Klunder, Managing Director of Sigmax Law Enforcement: “It is fantastic that Sigmax can provide the link between scan vehicles, parking database, back office and enforcer on such a large scale. Not only is this the largest scanning vehicle project in Europe, but it is important proof that more and more cities are recognising the added value of digital parking control using scanning vehicles. 

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