Wouter Klunder starts as Managing Director Sigmax Law Enforcement

Sigmax announces the appointment of Wouter Klunder as Managing Director for Sigmax Law Enforcement (SLE) with effect from 1 September 2018. As director of the Parking & Enforcement expertise, he is responsible for the strategic further development of this Business Unit. Previously, he worked as Managing Director within several Nedap divisions.

“In recent years, we have set up an excellent platform with our Sigmax Law Enforcement business unit with a strong market position in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Our ambition is to further scale up both at the product and organizational level. Our common goal is to offer even more added value in managing and coordinating a livable and safe city”, says Wouter Klunder.

Platform improvement

“With Wouter we add someone who has experience in successfully developing technological organizations”, says Leo van den Ende, director of Sigmax. “With our position in the Dutch, Belgian and Swiss market, we have good opportunities for further development of our platform. We do this by continuing to invest in the expansion of the possibilities to connect with and coordinate a wide range of digital tools such as scan cars, cameras and sensors in combination with the use of BOAs and other enforcers. This creates an innovative system that forms the basis for a safe, liveable city. ”

Bet on team performance

“I have a lot of interest in this beautiful and ambitious company with a mission to get started”, says Wouter Klunder. “Within the team I have been able to get acquainted with passionate, highly educated professionals who, like myself, recognize the growth potential of our solutions and want to make them even more accessible. Together with them we will continue to invest in the cooperation with customers, commercial and technical partners and the expansion of the solutions we offer our customers.

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Amsterdam City Council

How do you improve enforcement in a large city with seven city districts each using a different computer system? The answer is a mystery. One system works better. By choosing the broad-based uniformity provided by Sigmax’s CityControl, the Enforcement & Supervision Service in the Municipality of Amsterdam has entered a new era.

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Utrecht City Council

Utrecht is the first city council to use a completely digital enforcement system for bikes: BikeControl. The priority during the entire process was lean thinking and using a clear vision to work towards a complete, interconnected chain.

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