Over 250 enforcement officers in The Hague switch to CityControl

The Municipality of The Hagues enforcement agencies have completely switched over to Sigmaxs enforcement solution. Over 250 enforcement officers are being equipped with CityControl. The municipality and Sigmax kicked it all off on Thursday with a meeting for civil enforcement officers.

The partnership between The Hague and Sigmax enters a new phase with the addition of broad enforcement. With CityControl, the enforcement organisation of the judicial capital is using dynamically configured software, suiting its current needs. With this, The Hague has  information-driven enforcement  at its disposal and can apply civil penalties. Enforcement officers can perform detailed controls and can be deployed based on periodic and incidental needs.

Increased grip on enforcement

The civil penalty means that municipalities can impose fines for minor infringements in the public space, instead of these being imposed by the Public Prosecution Service and the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB). This measure replaces the criminal penalty notice and streamlines the penalty issuing process. Citizens gain clarity much sooner.

CityControl gives enforcement officers mobile access to a complete set of resources which support them in recording observations fully and factually, after which the backoffice can generate an official report of the findings in a case system. This ‘ticketless work’ with the integral CityControl reduces the City Council’s paperwork and enables nuisances to be handled with increased efficiency.

Step by step integration of CityControl

The Hague has been using Sigmax’s parking and bicycle enforcement for some time now. All enforcement teams are currently being trained so that the broad-based enforcement in the judicial capital will run completely on CityControl from the end of November.

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Utrecht City Council

Utrecht is the first city council to use a completely digital enforcement system for bikes: BikeControl. The priority during the entire process was lean thinking and using a clear vision to work towards a complete, interconnected chain.

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