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CityControl lifts mobile enforcement to a higher level in Amsterdam

With the implementation of CityControl, the Municipality of Amsterdam has recently transferred to a uniform system for the various city districts. The choice is paying off on several fronts.

Sigmax supplied Amsterdam City Council with robust, mobile hard- and software and a suitable backoffice system. CityControl means a broad range of new functionalities and thereby increases the efficiency of the tasks carried out by civil enforcement officers on the street and staff in the backoffice. By equipping roughly 450 enforcement officers, CityControl now has a major new customer in Amsterdam City Council.

Simplifying tasks for the civil enforcement officer and additional possibilities

Transferring from the multiple systems used by the various city districts to the central system of CityControl for the entire city provides multiple benefits for Amsterdam. Besides the fact that part of the enforcement officers has started working with a digital process due to the transition, their wide range of tasks have been simplified thanks to Sigmax’s software. They are now linked to various (external) databases and the central administration through their smartphones.

Furthermore, enforcement officers can issue penalties using an infrared number plate scanner and they can make reports on their smartphones. Reported infringements can be provided with a photo on the spot and enhanced with data from the linked resources, resulting in quick and more complete registrations. One of the enforcement officers most important wishes has also be met, namely being able to quickly check foreign forms of identification for authenticity.

Information-driven enforcement becomes a reality

The extensive reporting options of CityControl ensure that Amsterdam can produce real-time summaries and extensive analysis. The leads to more efficient deployment of enforcement officers and enables the City Council to take better informed decisions on the basis of current and reliable information. This improves the liveability in the city. The system is future proof because it can be expanded to a larger group of enforcement officers. It can also be configured flexibly with additional modules. This means that CityControl can be implemented step by step in various enforcement disciplines.

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