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It’s all about the Sigmax Scan car at ITS Brussels

Participants at the ITS congress 2018 will discover how the Scan car perfectly aligns with sustainable mobility strategies.

The Sigmax Scan car grants municipalities the opportunity for a remarkable efficiency improvement in the enforcement process in parking. During the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) conference on October 11th, Belgian colleague Vincent Rawart shows event participants how the Scan car translates municipal ambitions into concrete results. In particular, he will discuss the Scan car case in the city of La Louvière, where Sigmax successfully partnered with SCANaCAR.

Sharing the results of our efforts

A few months ago, Sigmax and SCANaCAR introduced a sustainable mobile scan car solution for La Louvières Q-Park City Parking, our official client in the Walloon town. The environmentally friendly electrical Scan car is equipped with the latest technology  in image recognition, position determination and communication. Through multiple links (with instances as parking facilities, Sigmax CityControl, databases with vehicle data and judiciary follow-up), the car demonstrably contributes to a sustainable digital agenda. Moreover, the Scan car solution increases the physical safety of control employees. We’ll dive deeper into this particular aspect during our ITS talk.

The ITS congress is an annual Belgian event aimed at non-profit organizations participating in diverse sustainable mobility initiatives. This year, approximately 450 visitors are expected in Brussels on October 11th. In addition to the Scanauto in La Louvière, during his presentation Vincent Rawart also discusses the upcoming use case in the city of Brussels, in which Sigmax will soon deliver two Scan cars. Sigmax is also represented at the ITS with a stand at the ‘Lunchcourt’.

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Amsterdam City Council

How do you improve enforcement in a large city with seven city districts each using a different computer system? The answer is a mystery. One system works better. By choosing the broad-based uniformity provided by Sigmax’s CityControl, the Enforcement & Supervision Service in the Municipality of Amsterdam has entered a new era.

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Utrecht City Council

Utrecht is the first city council to use a completely digital enforcement system for bikes: BikeControl. The priority during the entire process was lean thinking and using a clear vision to work towards a complete, interconnected chain.

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